Speaking & Listening

are two equal gifts.


Automation, digitization, mobile robots

Our mission is to introduce our customers and their employees to the chances and opportunities of technology, to provide advice and help prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Because it is not the technological subtleties that decide on an investment. Our strength is the ability to identify an option that was previously hidden. To show the possibilities within their own limits and to give an outlook on the extent of the technological level.


From familiy-owned business
to network group

A family business is always a game of proximity and distance. For the past three years we have been able to accept and welcome this learning field as part of our lives.

From the ability to divert attention from the negative and to increase productivity together, our customers and external employees, who are involved in the process as part of the whole, now benefit from our network.

Our company is located in Bad Rappenau, where we enjoy the life of a large family in addition to an excellent infrastructure. Multi-day professional travel is as much a part of our everyday life as a long weekend out of line. We do not perceive the fact that private and professional matters mix in a family business. As fathers of a total of four children, we look for a balanced relationship in which each party comes to its rights.

Together achieving
the same goal

United Experts provides the platform for all parties involved to join together as a network to find the ideal solution to every challenge.

Your employees as experts in the company, the manufacturer partners as experts for their respective product and we as a connector.

In the cooperation we listen, recognize questions and can answer them, with our independent consultation, with the appropriate product.

We believe in the best possible outcome if everyone becomes part of a project with the excellent contribution of their work.

We share a corporate culture that, through joint projects and friendly relationships, supersedes the idea of competition and enables constructive collaboration, which, through the exchange of expertise and experience, bears fruit and therefore benefits growth at all levels.

Beyond our operational interests, it is important for us to support aid projects both financially and with our physical resources. Our social commitment is currently focused on the following projects in Uganda:


family-owned company 
and network

The heads behind the company are two brothers who could not complement each other better in their diversity.

Born in 1981,
Father of three Children,
Robot Enthusiast 

  • Tom Weisz

    Senior Consultant

Born in 1975,
Dog Owner,
nativ human
of numbers

  • Szilard J. Weisz

    Senior Consultant

Born in 1963,
Solution finder and
Man of the first hour

  • Reiner Schowalter


Born in 1981,
Storytelling and
focus specialist

  • Friederike Weisz

    Editorial Staff